title. Come As You Are 'Artifacts'

date. 2019

city. Santa Barbara

medium. Paper, Misc. Multi-Media


In September 2019 Robin Donaldson participated in a four part exhibition hosted by SBCAST.
The series, titled “Come As You Are” Features four modern architecture studios based in Santa Barbara. The first of the series, Robin’s contribution titled ‘Artifacts’ includes many personal works and sketchbooks in which Robin has filled throughout his career.

Years and years of sketchbooks pile on my desk.

A language emerges.




Then fades then morphs then solidifies then disappears.


Making drawings is a conversation.
An exchange between the hand and the mind.


Each page follows the other.
Responding, reacting, mistaking, erasing, scraping, flipping.


Drawing is a practice.


Sharpening retinal acuity, enhancing intuition.
Improvisational validation.